Sunday, August 02, 2009

Da Humans Finded Ma Milk Ring Stash

Today wuz a fun day halping Human2 buildy some LEGO sets. Herz luvs LEGO from way back when herz wuz but a kitten. But den every fing went wrong...

Herz iz still nursing herz leg from da surgery n tooked a nap. I on da utter hand did not nappy. I sneaked up on da table n knocked all da little guys down on da floor!

No problem herz says n picked dem up when herz got up. Den when herz wuz on da phone I gets back up der n knocked some more pieces down n bat dem all over da floor. Since herz wuz now awake herz herd da sound of LEGO bricks on da floor n comed looking.

Herz found one piece but knew a nutter one wuz missing n called to Human1 for halp looking for it. Human1 got down on da floor n started looking n looking. I knew herz would not finds it acause I hids it gud under da piano (MOL).

All of da sudden da flash light iz out n so iz da yardy stick, which some how started sticking out da utter side of da piano! Oh no dey were on ta me! I better investigates dis furder.

Yep upon lookin closerer under da piano dey were definitely on to me. Dey were starting to pull out all da toys I had stashed in der.

Dey just would not leave well enuff alone! I putted dem der for safe keepings. Now dey were all out in da open again. along wif a few unwanted dust bunnies! (Sawry Zachary not da fun kinda bunnies likes you, but sneezing yucky dirty bunnies.)

So are you sure you guys finded every fing we kittehs putted under der. I better double checks your werk for you.

Well dat looks like all of da ones we putted under der but where u taking dem utter fings! (Humanz throwed some icky fings away.) Dat yellow arrow points to da LEGO piece wot gotted me in trouble n caused da whole under da piano cleaning!

Here is wot we finded under da piano...

  • 9 milk rings (for me)
  • 4 icky mice (trash now)
  • 1 bunny tail (sawry zachary -- it gone now)
  • 1 Star Trek toy (I play wif dat for days)
  • 2 paper balls (Abby played wif dem afore dey were trashed)
  • 1 peanut shell (trash)
  • 1 dryer sheets (no idear)
  • 10 billion dust bunnies

Here some videos of me play wif ma rings now dat dey iz out in da open again...


  1. Wow, Boris, that is like hasing Christmas in the summertimes!

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Wow, what a great stash. Sorry to hear about the treasures dat got thrown in bin when dey got foound. Humans have no appreciation of historic kitty treasures sum times.

    I hide things under da furniture all da time. My humans bought one of those back scratchers to drag em out. I cry when I can't get under to get my red mousie out and dey have to crawl around on floor wif a torch looking for it. MOL

    Emmy the cat

  3. Emmy dat back scratch fingy a gud idea! I lose a lot of my milk rings under da stove too and dis stick dey had ta use under piano only werked cause it could come out da side.

    It took two humanz ta find all my stuffs yesterday -- MOL!!

  4. Our special hiding place is under the cook stove. We can see you enjoy milk rings. mom gives them t us, but we don't play with them.

  5. Wow! What a neato stash. Yous got stuff everywhere.

  6. Oh, Boris, they're onto you now.

  7. You need to find a new spot, my friend... bad humans, they get into everything!!

  8. Dat sounds like yur lucky day! As fur da Lego guys, dey NEEDED knockin offa da table. Legos is FUN. Mom cleaned unner da stove one nite an finded 11 fur mousies! I was SOOOOO happy to haf them back! Haf fun puttin them all back unner!

  9. Oh this did make me smile! I dare not look under our sofa sometimes!!