Friday, August 21, 2009

Doggies Gettin Hitched n Going for World Records

Remember dese dogs from last week when Human2 wented to day y102 Dog Days of Summer fing? Well Human2 wuz talkin to da purson wot dey own about dis way fun utter festival coming up next week called Fido Festival USA in NJ.

Da doggies at da festival are gonna be trying for a world's record so dey can get putted in dat record booky. Dey trying for da world's largest canine wedding ceremony. All dese dawgs in ma pikshure is getting hitched (as well az dem boxers in da anti-eagles t-shirts from last week). Dey all haz bows but one of da boxer girlies needs a boy doggy for ta marry her. I had offered up PC, but hiz humans said dey can no make it on the 28th of August to da ceremonies! I guess if herz can no find a man ta marry herz could check out da online dating services over at Pooch Partners (MOL).

Bummer cause it would have been fun to see if dey make da record breaking group of marrying up doggies! Asides da werld record attempting dey iz habbing utter contests n pwizes for dogs n der owners. Why don't kittehs ever hab big festivals like dis? O, yeah, right, we not like being around each utter much let alone strange humans!

Oh, and hai, our pals over at iz sponsorin up some of da pwizes too. Sounds like a really fun times ta be a dawg. Iffen you iz in NJ areas maybe you should outta go check it out!

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  1. We is in NJ but is still like a 2 hour drive coz is way down south so we is not goin. Sides, ain't gettin hitched, no way, no how!