Sunday, August 23, 2009

Terrible Horrible Fings Wot Humanz Duz ta Kittehs

Da humanz dun gone n dun did it now! Dey buyed t-shirts from CafePress for dem selves but neglected ta tellz me dey were buyin one fur me too! Da order comed right quick n we gots it on Friday. When Human2 gotted home dey conspired agin me n stuck dis shirt on ma cute little body (okai big cause it a doggy medium shirt).

As you can see I iz nun too happy abouts wear dis here t-shirt no matter how cute it iz or how cute I looks in it!

Dey gotted der pikshures and tortured me good (I did get a few biteys in) den I started skoochin backwards tryin hard ta get out of da shirt! I hated it so. I iz not a kitteh fur fashions dat fur sure.

Since I wuz a gud boy and only bited a lil bit I gots special salmon treats in my new Boris Kitty bowl. (But still dey leaved dat darned shirt on me!)

As you can see da humans gots matching shirts too (and I iz still not too happy about bein dressed up).

But it iz purrty kewl of dem ta share me wif da werld, aint it?


  1. Oh my, those shirts are too cute! Boris, I'm sorry you do not enjoy modeling. Maybe you needed more treats!

  2. Very cool to have your face and name on a shirt!

  3. Daisy, I not likes it at all no matter how many treats I gets.

    I could never do fashun fridays likes U!

  4. That is brilliant!! And we love the slogan!!

  5. Stop by later, we gave you an award.