Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cute But Not Cute Enuff!

Dem fine folks at knows cute when dey sees it! But I only runner up dis time not cutest for da day. (How dare dey!)

USE THE FORCE Boris, Iz not your father! PEOPLE Pets pal @BorisKitty shows off his best Jedi moves, swinging his light saber around the room. Tuesday's runner-up writes, "I r a Jedi kitteh! If @PeoplePets like me az a trekkie dey gonna like me as a Jedi!"

And u wanna know wot beateded me out on being cutest anipal pikshure on Tuesday? I dawg did! A goofy ole dawg beateded me! I can no balieves it! Okai it iz a cute dawg, but a dawg none da less.
Ready for her close-up, Tuesday's winner, Scooter, sits pretty atop a mountain. "She's the cutest puggle on the planet, and she knows it," writes proud mama Shelly Schmidt (@scooterpuggle). "Just look how she poses!"

Doggies stealin ma spotlight! Wot u fink about dat? I know I not likes it --- MOL.


  1. Boris, We think those people pet people just don't know real cute.

  2. WOW! Boris, you're not only a celebrity, but a Jedi too!! wow wow!! may the force be with you!

  3. We're sorry you weren't the winner, Boris. We think you're cute!

  4. Oh, well. We gotta let them dogs win once in awhile. You'll get again next time.

  5. I think you should has wonned, Boris. But waits a minute... What did the winner wonned? The piggies didn't wonned noffin for being the winner on their day.