Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ma Sea Monsters Gone Wild

I wented outside for a little bit this evening wif human2 and i spied ma sea monster over in da fishy pond swimmin and swimmin.

He sure do go fast! I watched him go round and round for a very long time (at least until human1 skeered me n I had ta run inside qwik). I luv ma sea monster even if I has not yet named he (still acceptin suggestions).

Wot you fink of dis monster wot goes swimmin wif ma fishies?


  1. You could name him Kokala,who was an Hawaiian sea god that rescued people that were ship-wrecked.
    Or you could name him after the Dragon in the movie Pete's Dragon. Then he could be Boris's Dragon,Elliott.
    How do you know he's a he?

  2. I am SO TOTALLY ON MY WAY OVER!!! That looks like the best fun, I wanna MAUL him!!

    We shall call him Puff the magic monster, who lives in the sea! Then we shall call him NOM!!


  3. You were so brave!

  4. Wow, you sea monster swims fast. I can no swim that fast. I dunno why but the name Rupert comes to mind.

  5. Whoa! Boris, I never realized your sea monster could swim that fast. It scairted me, just a little bit.

  6. We enjoyed watching your sea monster! He is fun! We are still thinking about names. Boris Ness Monster!

  7. Jan nearly had heart failure when the video started. She thought the computer was making strange noises and was going crazy again. But it was the music. Whew!

  8. That is a scary sea monster! I bet we could catch him though...and then eat him!