Monday, August 17, 2009

y102's Dog Days of Summer

Saturday Human2 wented to da Y102 Dog Days of Summer down at da Reading Museum. Herz said herz had fun, but I had to hides under da tables cause herz smelled of strange DAWGS! I not normally get on dese chairs. I did eventually comes out & play wif herz & listened to herz tell us all about dem doggies wot herz played wif.

Der were little doggies wot were all dressed up wif ear bling & everyfing. Herz human staff person tolded us dat da ears were done at a place called Spoiled Rotten. Ma cousin dawg Lily pested to go der after the fest. (Herz gots herz ears done too!)

Der were way big doggies too! Human2 asked how tall dis guy wuz & his human said he about 36 inches but hims could get bigger cause he iz under two. I don't fink he will break dat world record of 42.2" of da tallest dog tho!

Der were little kids wif doggies too! Dis here pitbull wuz so sweet & played so nice wif da little guy. Peoples always haz da wrong idea about pitbulls. Ya know it be people wot makes dem bad. Same fing wif rotties all da ones we know are big ole sweeties.

Da doggies were coming in groups and sometimes by dem selves. dey were every where!

It wuz a very hot day & some dawgs cooled off in da creek. It also werked nice for thirsty dawgs too ta gets a drinky. (But nice humanz had bowls wif ice water all over da park.)

Dis guy wuz habbing such a good time fetchin rocks hiz man wuz throwing fur him.

There were lots of doggy furends. Old & new der.

Sometimes you haz ta sniff da ankles ta say howdy -- MOL.

Sum had on just a little bits of clothings...While utters were completely dressed up...Sum outfits did makes more den just a fashion many humanz der were dogs wot did not like that Michael Vick wuz signed to da Eagles and dey did show it!

Yo Philly WTF?

Hai Vick U+Me=Dark Alley

Boo Eagles!

Dese dawgs were just hanging out & being cool.

All dis fun wuz so da Animal Rescue League & Humane Society coulds take in donations & increase awareness of homeless animals.

So why don't dey do dis fur kittehs, huh?


  1. Oh, that looks like fun!

  2. Look at all those dogs!!! I like the ear bling in that one little puppy.

  3. Those are some great looking woofies!!!

  4. My mom was at somefing like that too on Saturday. I is used to her smelling of udder dawgs but this time she stinked rilly bad like lots of WET dawgs! She claims she was hassing a microchip clinic at this doggie day event and the vet tech did not show up so she had to hold the dogs for the vet to gives them their microchips and they had all been swimming in the pools afore they comed for their microchips. I dunno if'n I believes that or not.

  5. That is a lot of doggies!