Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today iz Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day

Today iz Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day.

Wot do dat mean? It means kittehs like ma pal Christopher here gets a little more attenshuns today and maybe gets to finds a forever home! has made today Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day to halp "senior, special-needs and other often-overlooked pets find homes". I fink dat a great fing!

You know on Caturday my humanz wented to the Berks Animal Rescue League to donate toys and treats to dem kittehs wot r waiting for furever homes. There were cute kittens there wot will be 'dopted right quick, but there are plenty of utter cats n kittehs wot needs gud luvin homes. They are chock full of adult cats, black cats and other less adoptable kittehs like ma pal Christopher who iz paralyzed n needs a very special human to luv him always!

Here is Christopher's story: "My name is Christopher. If you are a pet owner who has had a disabled pet and are interested in taking a 10-week-old kitten who has a paralyzed back end, please call the ARL and ask for Nicole or Jamie. He is being fostered and he's very outgoing and playful. He's full of life despite his disability!" Can U gib him a happy ending, puhleez?!

There are loads of other stories out there too. Ma Furend Shawnee writes about her humans experience wif Lindsey a white Persian (her story is sad so has tissues ready). Shawnee herself was wot iz considered a less adoptable pet but look at she now!

Anutter one of my pals wuz also considered a less adoptable pet his name iz Pepi. He an old luvable guy. Read about Pepi over at Companion Critters, Inc.'s website. Go see how rewarding a life these senior dogs can have with the right humanz taking care of dem.


  1. They all deserve a home!

  2. Thank you Boris for spreading the storees! (Sorry you runned out of tishoos.) If'n one "less adoptable" pet gets a furever home coz a peeple readed one of our storees, then we did a gud job :)

  3. Every fur kid deserves a good home

  4. we hope dat they can find homes soon!

  5. What a great cause. All cats deserve a loving and safe home.