Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Okai We Haz Technikal Diffikulties

It wuz broughts ta my attnshuns dat da softwarez we using for da contest votin iz none too gud.

So we tried requiring cookies but dat block most anipals from votin at all. Den we tried one votey per IP address but dat not werk out too gud either.

So we went back to da regulars not so gud voting but still werkin sorta versions. An adjusted da contesty rulez a bits.

Wot dis mean? Well fur one you can votes more den once a day (some kitties haz figured dat out already n pumped up dey votes). It also mean we ending da voting early on da 8th now so da clicky war not gets too crazy.

So ifs u really want dat pwize or fink one of da anipals deserves it more den vote, vote, vote all day long if u wants! Just be warned we not held responsibles fur any catpaw tunnel syndromes or injuries to da clickers such az eye strain, crossed eyes or grouchy sore losers caused by votey warz! -- Alzo we gonna rezervin da right to void any votes for any reason we sees fit (but I no fink dis gonna happen -- just meowing case I haz ta).

Fur any anipal wunder wot fur stupid softawrez dis iz it iz da phpQuestionaire Jr. from Chumpsoft. It okai n will be betterer for just polls but not for dis kind of applikashuns. Der survey softwarez iz purrty darned gud tho.


  1. MOL always somecritters has to stuff da ballot boks. Just like humans!

  2. We understand why you opened it up to click, click, click, but we're going to keep telling our friends they can vote once a day.

  3. I hope it works out okay!

  4. We can see that some kitties have played click,click click to gets lots of votes. We agree with Jan. One a day!

  5. OH NO!! I hope noone gets "catpaw tunnel syndrome"!! Sorry you had so much trouble with technology, Boris, I hates when dat happens!