Friday, August 07, 2009

Hangin' Wif Human1

Dis iz me hanging out wif Human1. We iz looking at birdies out our front doors. Dis iz a real fun place to hang out when da weather iz nice.

I likes ta sits here at night too when a cool breezes iz coming thru. But I not like having da door open when da boom-booms (fireworks) iz going off over at da Reading Phillies basebalss field. Dey scares me.

Side notey: Human1 haz requested dat I tellz da werld dat herz iz also called daMumma!


  1. MOL! You're a lucky boy having daMumma to carry you about.

  2. Hello daMumma! Hello Boris!! *waving paw* Is dat a bunny or bear on the bookshelf? Glad u haf such a nice view of da birdie!!