Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Goodness in da Mails

I hopes all u black kittehs did stay safe dis Friday the 13th...u nose dem humanz n der superstitions.

Well I did no haz bad lucks 2day! I did gets mails. It wuz ma pwize from Nutro wot I did win on Twitter for all ma donations n hard werks of bribin ma pals on twitter to votey fur me.

I gotted this box wot wuz meowin and meowin. When da human did finally opened it up n dis wot we gotted. It wuz filled to da gills wif fun stuffs. A plushy kitty, a stainless nom nom bowl and a BIG bag of dat Natural kitteh food from Nutro.

It say der an animals in dis box but i not sees one! Where iz u at?

Look at dis huge bag of Nutro Natural Choice kitteh fuds i did gets! Fank u Nutro.


  1. Cool. Concats on your big win. That's a lot of stuff!

  2. What an awesome prize!! You are a lucky kitty Boris!

  3. Anonymous11:59 AM

    what a great start to the weekend, good for you my little friend

  4. wow, u got da bayootiful gween eyes, u shd be called IsaGreen! anyway, I seed da animal inside da box, waz da ginger tabby kitteh... maybe he run and hide somewhere at ur howse... yoz betta try n find him az he mus be hungery by now!? xox