Saturday, November 07, 2009

End of Shelter Appreciation Week Deliveries

Today iz da day dat i sended ma humanz and edgar over to da Animal Rescue League of Berks County to delivers all dem fine toys, treats, foods and bowls to da kitties in dat shelter.

We thoughted dat Caturday being da last day for the National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week would be a great day ta doz it.

Edgar loaded all da goodies into da car...der wuz so much stuffs dat it did fills up da back of our PT Cruiser! Woot!

Dey arrived at da shelter shortly afore 11 am (shelter opens at 10am) n it were jammed packe wif peeples! Many had already dropped off big bags of cat food n dod food n blankies too! We added our goodies to da pile n heded back to da kitteh room wif a big box of toys ta hand out.

Dis way we gets ta play wif dem lil guys too! Da colony rooms were being cleaned up so all dem kittehs were outside on dey sunporches playin in sunpuddles!

Looks how happy dis puss cat wuz fur da toys n attentions! So sweets n playful. Herz name iz Ella n herz really really wants a forever home!

Dis here black n white kitteh iz named Gizmo. Gizmo did gets a play-n-squeak mouse from ma humanz. Herz played n played n played wif dat mousie! Herz did luv it so! Herz anutter sweet kitteh cat lookin for dat special family ta luv herz forever.

Dem two lil bitty kitties did no come out of dey litterbox ta says hello. Dey even reached outs n grabbed dey new toys n put dey in dey box wif dem! Silly kittehs!

Here iz Edgar sayin bye bye ta Gizmo n tell herz he hopes herz gets a forever home real soon! (Edgar gibs dis kitteh 2 paws up fur playfulness.)

We did not get our scratchers in time so we will be headin back over next week too delivering dem n play sum more wif des fine kittehs. Maybe next week we will gets ta gib da big colony cats der toys too.

Watch da cute lil kittehs playin wif der new toys...


  1. dis kittehs really really loved der play-n-squeaky mousies.

    Da whole cat room wuz squeakin az ma humanz were leavin.

  2. Rumpy Threet8:24 PM

    You are the bestest for helping all those kitties. I hope they get forever homes too.

  3. Very,very nice job Boris(and mom & Edgar too)!
    You guys helped to make those kitties day! All that neat stuff and it sounds like lots of other folks brought some too! I hope they all find homes real soon!

    ps~ I mentioned you at my blog today!

  4. Those are some happy kittens!

  5. That is such a great story!
    Manhugs to my my pal!