Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ma Cuzin Dogs Do Gets Spoilt Sum More

Ma cuzin dogs are spending da week in a fancy schmancy pet resort while der humanz go off to da Caribbean islands of Fedex Kinkos (or maybe dat iz Turks and Caicos).

Lilly no looks too happy to go on vacashuns do she? Herz iz a nutzy lil dawg. she iz.

Dis iz dat bad bad bailey (I fink dat resort will be sawry dey haz herz der!

Dis iz ma old pal PC (aka Pooper Scooper). He wuz excited for ta go ta da resort. (himz woulda liked ta leaved da two sisfurs at home tho).

Dis iz da way cool car wot comed ta takes da doggies to der vacashuns. Dey will stays at da Leesport Pet Resort while der peeoples is away.

Bye bye dawgies. U do look like u iz gonna vacashuns in style...MOL. I wunders wot dey watched on dat TV on der way to da resorts?

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  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Wow Boris, even with limos!