Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pleeze Halp Dis Shelter Out

Dis week iz National Shelter Appreciation Week (November 1-7) and many animals are in great need across da country, but perhaps one of da most urgents is Da Second Chance Shelter in Texas.

If you can possibly halp out da shelter in Central Texas wot did have a horrible fire (dis morning) wot killed many cats & dogs waiting for forever homes & lefted the rest homeless (agin), pleeze do wot u can. No matter da amount. It all adds up.

The CenTex Humane Society is a nonprofit organization. The humane society runs the Second Chance Animal Shelter, the only no-kill shelter in the Central Texas area. Please donate time, skills or moneys! Go out to the shelter if you want to help (dey dunt haz a phone right nao).

Dey takes paypal n you can follow da linky right from der website:

Dis a great tragedy fur all dem poor anipals & da peeples wot werk wif dem.

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  1. This made our human have leaky eyes :( It's so sad :(