Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sumfin Any Kitteh Can Do Fur Shelter Kittehs

Doz u hab a spare $20? Doz u wanna brightens up da every day lives of kittens n adult cats in shelters waiting fur a forever homes?

Well here iz a qwik n ez fing any kitteh (wif a credit card) can do. Da folks over at Imperial Cat (dey is da folks wot makes dem cool shapey scratchers u sees in stores) sended out dis email sayin about der Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers dey did make.

You can sends a whole case of 15 scratchers to your local shelter or any shelter fur dat matter. And guess wot? Der iz no shipping fees. Twenty bucks a case dat's it.

We did steal Human2's credit card from herz wallet while herz weren't looking and ordered a case (dey iz kindly sending it directly here --- I hopes we gets them afore we delivers our donations this weekend).

So here's da information...why not sends some ta kittehs nears you too?!

Give back this holiday season with a gift to your local animal shelter!

Adopt-a-Cat Scratching Pads

The shelter environmental can be extremely stressful to cats awaiting a forever home - imagine living in a small metal cage, in an unfamiliar place, with your worst enemy barking in the background!

Scratching helps alleviate stress and boredom, but it also allows the cat to stretch its muscles, keep its claws honed and healthy, and mark its territory both visually and through scent -- all basic instinctual needs.

Unfortunately, shelters are also feeling the pressure of the recession, which has resulted in fewer adoptions, more relinquished pets, and declines in much needed donations (like scratching pads). Imperial Cal wants to help, which is why we've developed a line of low cost, high-quality scratching pads for use in animal shelters.

Our Adopt-a-Cat scratchers designed to fit within the small space of a shelter cage, and they feature a cute "Adopt Me" label to encourage potential adopters to take home a friendly, sweet and loyal kitty. We hope you will consider purchasing a case (or 2!) of our Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers to donate to the cats at your local animal Shelter.

For only $20 (with free shipping), Imperial Cat will ship a case of 15 Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers and a 1 oz. package of Certified Organic Catnip to the shelter of your choice. And, through the month of November, with every order over $200, Imperial Cat will donate a case of Adopt-a-Cat scratchers to a local shelter/rescue.

To Place an Order for Your Shelter, Call 1-501-354-8466


  1. That is a great cause!

  2. Cool! Our kitties have those scratchers and love them!

  3. That's a great idea. Thanks!

  4. Dey gotted so busy wif orders dat mines did no ships til Wednesday! Keeps u paws crossed dat i gets dem afore Saturdays! Dunt want dem kittehs ta haz ta waits! (not dat human2 would minds goin back n playin sum more wif dem)

  5. Good job Boris AND Imperial Cat!
    I got to play with my local shelter kitties yesterday.They are very lucky for shelter kitties in that except for tiny baby kittens & new arrivals they all get to roam in their own "rooms". So they all get to play all day with their buddies! But I'm sure they still would love their own forever home even more!
    Remember adopt you local shelter!

  6. aw pooh.

    ma scratchers did no arrives in time fur da big deliveries 2mro.

    o, well guess we haz ta go backs next week too!