Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kittehs in Costumes

Normally we kittehs do no EVER wears clothing....did I says EVER?! But when it comes ta da holidays like Halloween we do sum times gets tortured wif outfits. Dis year I wuz Frankensteins Monster aka Boris da FrankenKitty!

We all did dress up even ma new pal Edgar wuz in costume!

Dis iz Edgar in he Spider-man costume all ready to hands out treats to da neighborhood trick or treaters. He finks he might keeps sum of dem nom noms fur he self.

Picasso wuz da Queen of Denile...oops Da Nile! MOL! Hers purrty in blue, no?

Abby is no happy tabby az a court Jester. I not fink herz likes ta be laffinged at. MOL.

And cute lil Bela Boo iz a sweet lil pumpkin fur makin up da pumkin pies! NOM NOM NOM

So der u hab it all us kittehs in our Halloween costumes fur all da werld ta see.


  1. how lovely!
    have a great halloween, dear!

  2. Very cute costumes. Happy Halloween to all of you!

  3. You're all SO DARN CUTE!! But little Bela Boo has caught our eye...

  4. Wow, you all had such pawsome kostooms! I bet you Edgar lefted his on the longest.

  5. CUte costumes. We hope you had a good day!