Monday, November 02, 2009

I Iz Honored by Romeo the Cat n

Me & ma sisfur cats & plushie brofur Edgar have been honored by our pal Romeo the Cat fur our donations fur our local shelters/rescues.

We did gather up lots of goodies fur da kitties over at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County & will be delivering dem dis weekends.

It iz National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week & Romeo did ask on his bloggy fur anipals ta step up ta da plate n do sumfin, anyfin for ur local shelter. Iffen u tells him about it u can be featured on his bloggy n win a pawsum Rescue Mom or Rescue Dad sticker or magnet to show da werld how pawsum ur humanz iz!

Not only iz i honored by da great n powerful OZ...oh ROMEO, I haz been honored by (agin....getting tired of seeing me over der yet? ME EITHER!)

SO I iz alzo gonna asking u, da #BorisBunch, to steps up to dat plates & askin u to puhleez do sumfin dis week fur da anipals in all dem shelters out der. It do not haz to be ginormus even the smallest effort coounts to des anipals in need.

Here iz sum idears fur u...

  • Donate directly to a shelter or rescue by going to their webby pages
  • Donates thru anutter site like Romeo's FurPower or here on my bloggy
  • Shop at stores wots donates to shelters likes BabyPatches' Mom's store
  • Donate thru stores like
  • No money. No Problems. Donate ur time.
  • Go kiss da kittens or puppies for an hour.
  • Take a dog for a walk, play ball with him.
  • Help clean their cages.
  • Anyfing will be a big halp!

But dunt furget ta let us know wot u did, kai? We wanna share it wif da werld!


  1. Keep up the good work Boris!!!
    For UK peeps, is a great shop for kitty toys that helps lots of rescues.

  2. You is so famoose! Don't furget us little critters when you makes the big time!

  3. Congratulations! You did very well!

  4. Congrats Boris! You deserve to be honored for all the great things you do to help other kitties!

  5. Congrats!!!! You such a good pal even when you're famous!!

  6. Hello boris- you won best in show at our contest- please send us an email with your addy to wear to send your FABULOUS prize! Floofy Mc Flufferson AT gmail DOT com!

  7. Concatulayshuns Boris that's rilly grate!

  8. Concats! I missed National Shelter week? OMC...Jeeves gonna get a swippy on the ankle for that one