Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tabbies for Toys for Tots -- MOL

Nao dat we haz halped ta makes sum kittehs happy we iz gonna try n make sum kiddies happy. We did gather toys for Toys for Tots too! Lookit all dem toys we did haz fur dem lil tots!

I thought dis time i would goes too! MOL

Human2 iz gonna go by da Toys R Us today n drops off all dem fun fings for da little humanz. I not included!

i do believes dat ma humanz iz tryin ta makes sum new lil geeks out der! MOL


  1. That's a pawsome bunch of stuff! Whoa! The kiddies are super lucky.

  2. I am glad 2 help U , help others, Tweetypie

  3. Boris, you and your humans ROCK! Your are going to make a bunch of kittehs and kiddies soo happy this holiday season! *high-paw* and *nosetaps*


  4. Wow, Boris! There's gonna be some happy kiddies out there!

  5. Boy, lotsa stuff for beans! It is a wonderful program

  6. I does not hate you Boris! Woz I that close to your house today? I was thinking bout you but it woz a rilly hard hike and it would has been too much for Edgar and Human2. Even mom is soaking in a hawt baf rite now and I is in bed wif my paws kicked up. You is still my best buddy! I pwomise I come see you someday. We will bees in your neck of the woods again. Now, about your blog, WOT IS YOU DOING IN A PLASTIC BAG? I know it says "DANGER - Keep away from chilluns" but they mean kittehs too. You can lose your bref and suffokates urself in there! But nice hawl you has there for the chilluns.

  7. i wuz just makin sure da fings in da baggie were gud enuff fur da kiddies.

    Edgar wuz too askeered ta go nears da toys 4 tots donashuns cause himz mite gets donated! so i did inspekt dem fur he.

    I doz love peeples nose dis n do no leaves dem around cause da minute dey back iz turned i zi in it likes dis!

  8. iffen u looks real close dat warnin iz in anutter laguage wot i no can read! so I coulds snufficates n never nose it!

  9. Boris,*Nosetaps and special Purrs* for you and humans who do such a bootiful tings for kittehs and kiddies...

    u are pawsome!