Monday, November 09, 2009

I Did Gets Mail 2Day

I did get a big box in da mails 2day! It were addressed ta me n hads fragile on da sides. It iz from ma pal Hansel wot did haz a way fun halloweenie spooktacular costume contesty. and I did wins Best Cat in Show for ma Franken-Kitty costumey!

Oh wot could it be?

Oh lookit all dem cool prezzies i did gets! Noms, a litey ball, grasses (for when da snows r here n i no can sneak outsides for grass nommin), and a man cave.

I did haz a cave a long time ago, but now i haz a new one dat i doz luv...fank u.

Wot else iz der in dat box....hmmmm.

oooo it a really cool kitteh bowl! but where iz da noms? shouldn't der be noms in der?

Soon az human2 did pop open da man cave i did crawls inside ta check it out. (I did fills it up alritey.)

Fank u so much fur ma new man caves!


  1. Cool! Moo has a man-cat Cave and he loves his too!

  2. You gots cool presents! That is a pretty purple Man Cave!

  3. Boris, those are like the bestest prizes ever!! Enjoy, you deserve them!

  4. i so glad yoo liked alla yoor stuffs. Mommeh waz all ascairt her didna haff enouf an dat yoo wud be sads about not gettin enouf stuffs.

  5. Hansel---u n ur mommeh did no haz to worries! I wuz a wunnerful pwize! FANK U!!!

  6. oooo look at all thems pwizes you did get Boris, and a MAN CAVE... oh dat do just be the best and you look so cute in der.

    love your friend Petie the Cat

  7. boris, dat wunnerful coolest pwizes....u got...

  8. A NEW Mancat Cave! Dat is pawsome Boris! Concats on your prize and win for da Halloween Contest!

    I wants a cave! But it would has to be Ladycat Cave MOL hehehe


  9. Lucky you, Boris! I luf gettin male. We has a tunnel dat's lotsa fun. Concats!

  10. Isn't it great to get your own mail?! You got some really nice stuff there, Boris.

  11. What cool prizes, Boris! You look like you're really enjoying the new man cave and what's not to enjoy about yummy treats.

    Have a great weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar