Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great News Buttons Did Get a Forever Home!

Ma furend Shawnee doz a lots for doggies from rescues and shelters. Herz human doz werks wif Companion Critters outta Jersey. Dey fosters puppehs until dey finds furever homes.

Dey haz been fostering Buttons fur awhiles nao.

Dis iz buttons sleepin in one of da toys we did gib Shawnee when we wented on a walkie in da woods wif dem (okai I did no go but Edgar wented fur me).

We did nose dat Buttons do lub doggy toys. Just look at her in dis toy box wif all her loverly toys!

Well da utter day ma furends Shawnee and Lexi-Lou did tells me dat Buttons did getted a forever and ever home with Lexi Lou! How pawsum iz dat!?!

Shawnee, Buttons n Shawnee's Human iz packin up da car n heddin from NJ to IL to take Buttons to herz new home. I so happy fur herz I did haz ta run n jump thru da whole house.

Happy Gotcha Day Buttons!


  1. This is just SO good to hear. Go Buttons!! Have a wonderful and happy life in your Forever Home!!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day , Buttons.

  3. Mom and I are SUPER DUPER excited about Buttons coming to live with us. Mom says we're the lucky ones to be getting such a sweet doggie as part of our family! And Mom says we're not just her forever family...we're her forever-and-ever family now!

    Six days until I meet my new sis!

  4. But even better than a furever home, Lexi said this be Buttons' furever-and-ever home :)

  5. That is totally, totally wonderful!!!!

  6. Anonymous7:06 PM

    We are happy for ya Buttons, and your photo with the cake is awesome!

  7. A fairytale ending - how wonderful.

  8. Dat is da best story. Lucky Buttons an her family!