Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shelter Kittehs Get Der Scratchers

We did get the scratchers wot we buyed for da shelter appreciation week last week. So Human2 acided to pick up sum more kitteh fuds and some litter for dem too.

It tooked Human2 a couple of trips to take everyfing insides to da Animal Rescue Leagues, but herz gotted it all inside for da kittehs.

Der were plenty of new faces waiting to greets her. But sum from last week had alreddy been adopted! And while herz wuz der two cute lil kitties did gets forever homes!

Dis lil tuxedo girly girl did gets a forever home wif a lil boy and his daddy wot were in der while human2 wuz visiting. YAY!

And dis lil smokey kitteh did also get a forever home. YAY!!!

Dem two iz part of a litter of six wot were being fostered by one of da volunteers. Aint dey cute?

Dis iz anutter tuxedo kitteh wot wuz beary happy to gets a scratcher.

Ma lil furend Ella wus still der. lookit herz enjoyin herz new scratcher!

This lil ginger kitteh did alzo luvs da scratchers.

All dem kittehs did say fank u fur da scratchers n asks puhleez adopts me. Human2 wanted me ta adds dat dem scratchers wuz da best $20 herz did ever spends! EVER!


  1. Those are very cute kitties. They are very lucky to have a good friend like you and human2

  2. Those kittehs all looks so happy wiv dem scratchers your mama duz nice things *high-paw*!

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Mom got all teared up at the shelter scratchy thing photos!

  4. Ohhh so cute kitties. They are lucky to have a friend like you !!!!!!Purrssss

  5. Those kittesh shore was liking those scratchers you gotted for them! Wot else does they has to do while in a cage? They may as well be be doing seomfing productive and sharpening them nails!

  6. That was so nice of your mom to bring them scratchers. Looks like they really loved them. Pawsome job!

  7. What cute little kitties! If Mom wasn't adopting Buttons, I'd be after her to go get me a kitty, too... And it was so nice of Human2 to get them those scratchers. Looks like they were having fun with them!

  8. I just scratched as your 100th follower!
    Nice to meet you Boris! :)

  9. We can has scratchers? All teh kittehs are veree veree pretteh and look sweet..heheh, they is probuhbly mischeveeus!