Friday, October 16, 2009

National Feral Cat Day

Today iz National Feral Cat Day. Dis day iz ta make awareness of the feral kitteh problems around da country and to halp peeples understands dat dem "wild" kitties needs ta be caught, fixed n put back. (Also known az TNR or Trap-Neuter-Release.)

Ma humanz cuzin iz carin fur sum ferel farm cats wot just had kittens a little while back. Herz haz found furever homes fur two of dem and still needs ta finds homes fur da utter 2 from dat litter n 1 more frum anutter litter. Den herz iz taking da mommies into be spayed. But dey iz not being released az ma dey iz now ma cusin kittehs!

We fink dis iz beary importants and deserves close attenshuns frum everbuddy. Please look into feral kitty programs in your area n halp dem out.Need a place to starts? Check out Alley Cat Allies for loads of infurmations on what u can do ta halp.


  1. We are glad the babies are finding homes!

  2. Will check out alley cat allies. Henry's mommy was a feral.


  3. Donnot forgets Boris, that you would has been one of those feral kittehs had Human1 and Human2 not adopshuned you when you was a teeny wittle baby kitten and they founded you outside. But you is rite bout TNR. Lots of peeples feed feral kittehs but they is just makin them stronger to has more kittens. You has to spay and nooter along wif giving noms!

  4. Great post, Boris! We believe TNR is the only humane method to control and ultimately reduce the feral cat population. We have a TNR program in our community and our mom volunteers with them.

    We are so happy to hear your human cousin is helping out those feral farm cats. She is an angel!

  5. It is VERY important! Hope all the kitties find great homes soon!

  6. They do very important work and our momma sends them green papers when she can.

    Yay for kitties and people who help other kitties!

    Charlemagne and Tamar