Monday, October 26, 2009

Fishy Wishies Every Where

Ma humans did go to da Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ last weekends. Dey said dey would be seeing all kinds of neat fishies. Likes ma fishies in ma lil pond but from da oceans!

Hai I did finds dat Nemo fishy wot wuz in dat moovie. Dis one here sure doz looks like Nemo.

Dat big green fing der iz an eel. wif big teefs for puttin da bitey on you! Dems iz skeery alrite.

Wowzers dis fishy sure iz neato lookin. Wunner if ma fishies could grow polkie dotted fins like dats???

Ma humanz told me dat dems birdies iz called penguins. Dey do not fly! Wot up wif dat? Dey swims in da water wif da fishies instead of flyin in da airs wif utter birdies. Dat just not right!

Well dem purrty pikshurs iz all fine n dandy buts az a kitteh I wanna sees ma fishies in akshuns! So ma beary nice humans did take videos of dem fishy wishies swimmin just fur me. Fank u Human1 n Human2 I doz likes dem swimmy fishies.

I did sends Edgar along ta makes sure dey did bring me sum fishies. MOL


  1. Hee hee, those is prety nice looking fishys boris, me like the polky dotted one


  2. Very pretty fishes! We liked the polkie dotted fins. Good video, too

  3. That is very pawsome, Boris. You knows, we lives closer than you does and mom has never gonned there. I has to tell her to go!

  4. we shoulda called u n made u meets us der :)