Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Haz Pikshurs on

Da fine folks at haz seen how wunnerful ma pikshurs are agin -- MOL! I haz been honored once agin wif havin ma photos choosen as der #cutepic from Twitters.

I shared sum of da pikshurs from da Walk fur da Animals da utter weekend. Da ones dey featured wuz da 2 headed dog (no really it wuz 2 doggies but i looked like one wif 2 heads) and da one of da little blood hound sniffin up on da itty bitty pom!


  1. Sweet! You're famous again! Those ARE some great pictures... good job!

  2. Fank u ma human2 sure did haz fun takin dem.

  3. Love the second photo. Too precious.