Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dawgs n Dey Tongues

Ma pal Shawnee did writes about a contesty fur doggies wif der big ole dawgy tongues hangin out of der faces.

I wanna know why it haz ta only be dogs? Kittehs haz tongues wot doz sticks out too u know.

So iffen u wanna enter hed on over to Anna's website (kwik like bunny rabbits cause contesty ends 10/30/09).


  1. You have a lots of tongue sticking out pictures!

  2. We love your tongue sticking out pics, Boris! Too cute!

  3. Nice tongue shots. Maybe we should have the contest for cats with tongues sticking out.

  4. I allow kitties...but no squirrels!! I like kitties...kitties just don't normally like me. :(

    Good luck!!! :p

  5. Your Mommy does a great job getting picture of you with your tongue sticking out. It looks like you were enjoying the Halloween treats!

    Have a fun weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar