Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hikin Wif Shawnee

Lookit da beautiful day Human2 did hab to go meets Shawnee n herz human in da woods fur walkin.

Shawnee did spy sumfin haning out in da trees.

It wuz a witch flyin round da trees!

Shawnee did make sure der wuz no more witchies around.

We all nose Shawnee do likes playin in da wawa, but dis trail did only haz a tiny lil stream wot did not looks like much fun. Looks like Shawnee iz sad herz can no plays in it tho.

Den der wuz sum xcitements. Shawnee did gets ta meet up wif a nice lady walkin her doggies. But 2 of dem did turn outs ta be goats!. Shawnee did tells me dis wuz da first time ever dat herz did meet goats. Who woulda thought u would meets up wif goats on a hikin trails in da woods!

Here iz da two goats up close and personal like.

Affer da walkie Edgar n Shawnee did take a few minutes ta rest n gets ta nose each utter a lil better. Edgar did give herz big pets n purrs from me!


  1. Sawry da pikshurs r all blurry n icky. Human2 iz mad at herz SLR n says herz needs a new one but herz wallet won't lets her gets one.

    I not nose why da wallet iz in control of her but herz sayz it iz.

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    da pikchas look gr8, don wowwy! MOL x

  3. Looks like they had a great time! Too bad you couldn't go, Boris...

  4. I'll bet that was strange meeting goats on a walking trail.

  5. I no thinking the pikshurs is blurry and icky. They look fine to me and I not even has mom's glasses on! I shore did has a good time doing hikings with Edgar and Human2 and I sented back my furs on them for you, Boris.

  6. Goats? Well I never. Looks like a great walk was had by all.