Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Da Timmeh-o-Lantern

Ma pals over at did likes ma Timmeh-o-Lantern dat I made n shared wif ma Twitter pals dat dey tolded me abouts der contesty fur da best geek pumpkin.

Now I not nose if dis iz da best geek punkin but it iz mighty funs.

You needs two pumpkins to makes Timmeh so I gibbed a pattern fur a fun pukin' punkin wot you carve den put da guts out da mouth like it throwed up...maybe makes it a hairball too...MOL

So here is da PDF stencil for da Timmeh-o-Lantern. Haz fun makin he n wishin me lucks cause I do so want dat first pwize! I luvs sleepy bags n I luvs Star Wars (cause I iz a geek likes ma peeples). Remember Timmy's ears come from da utter pumkin's mouth you do cuts out.

Da finished Timmeh Punkin!

Coming Soon...image of pukin punkin...MOL