Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 19th iz Talk Like a Pirate Day

Aye Maties it do be talk like a pirate day on September 19th! You best be bucklin down da hatches n preparing ye self for a day of silly pirate speaks. Asides from talking likes a pirate you can switching u facebook language to English (PIRATE) for da day. I not fink u wanna doz it much longer den dat (it might makes ye cwazy).

And u can check outs all da cool LEGO Pirates fings fur u ta do ober at

Once der you can Click on 'Download' and get a Pirate Dictionary, Pirate Pocket Dictionary, Pirate Hat & Eye Patch, Pirate Photo Frames, Pirate Room Sign, Pirate Dot-to-dot, Pirate Iron On for da T-Shirt! Wowzers dats a lotta pirating!

U doz remember I iz a big lego eating kitteh, right? Okai, I not eating dem but I do knocks dem off da table n bats dem around on da floor.

In honor of talk like a pirate day I will makin dem walk da planks!

Now where did I stashin dem Lego Pirate mini figs?


  1. We can't wait for meow like a pirate day!

  2. Vast ye maties!

  3. Ahoy, Boris! I might need to get Pimp a pirate outfit for the occasion. :)