Monday, September 28, 2009

Humane Society of Berks Walky Wuz Pawsum

Human2 and I did werk hard at raisin monies fur da anipals this weekend. Herz gotta a yellow t-shirt and I gotta dis snazzy yellow bandana az a rewards! So far we raised $320 (dat not including out $20 registration or wot might comes in later --- hint hint hint --- you can still donating).

It wuz not all dogs at dis here walkie, no siree-bob! Der wuz a turtle, a kitteh and 2 horses wot Human2 did see on her walks! Who nose wot herz might have missed.

Da dawgs sure did want to know wot dis horsey wuz doin der!

Da turtle did come all da way from da Lehigh Zoo. He wuz cool. We likes turtles!

Dis skeered lil kitty did no do the walky wif all da dogs. Herz wuz der for da microchip clinic wot wuz happenin too!

Dis big boy (even bigger den me!) was Sheriff Bruno! He always on duty watching out for all da animals and their peoples at da walky!

All kinds of doggies wuz der. Big ones, small ones, and even sicky ones comed out ta help da homeless anipals. How sweet iz dat?!

Dis lil bitty pup did see da camera and posed fur Human2 ta take da photos! Ain't dey sweet?

Dis skeery gargoyles is really a precious french bulldog -- MOL!!! Ma humans collekts gargoyles, but they not haz one like dis!

No dis not a two headed doggy! It iz two dawgs - MOL!

You can read more over at Human2's bloggy and we haz many more pikshurs too. It wuz lots of fun and it wuz absolutely pawsum of all da anipals wot did donate and sponsor us even tho it wuz pawpawty weekend too! FANK U!


  1. Looks like such a great event!! That little horsie is the cutest!
    Congrats on raising so much money for the cause!

  2. How fun that must have been. Love the pictures. Especially the poor horse getting goosed and the 2 headed dog.

  3. Hey, Boris, we got a glimpse of your newsletter but our computer is down and Jan is about to reformat the hard drive so could you possibly email us the link to your contest winners so we can congratulate them when we get back online. Hopefully SOON! Thanks.

  4. Looks like you raised some money and made some friends too! Good job!

  5. I love that a turtle came, too. Great job, Boris!