Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meetin Da Dawg Wot Stars in Camelot Muzikal

Meet Lloyd he do be da doggy wot I told you about yesterday. You know da one wot iz in da muzikal Camelot wif ma Human1 (aka Da Favorite Mumma --- MOL). Herz told us dat he wuz a very nice dawgy. And he iz! Human2 wented to see Human1 n Lloyd in da play last night (dat iz why dey did not gets home until way lates at night. Human2 did take Lloyd a nice gifty basket but did no gib Human1 nuffing! (ut ohs herz in twouble)

Lloyd is an 8 year old black lab / chow mix who iz currently in foster care awaiting a forever home. since he iz part chow he do haz longer hairs n a way cool tongue wot haz black spots! He iz also da ARL representative of the festival of the arts performance of Camelot. But we say he iz da star! (MOL)

Hims had a very nice meets and greets wif da humanz wot did come ta see da muizkal afore, during and affer da show. He did werk hard (and himz haz 2 more days of all dis babeh kissin n paw shakin). He did a great job of saying howdy ta all da people der. I iz hoping sumone der will see wot a fine furend he would make and adopting him so dat he gets hiz furever home soon.

Human2 did say he iz a very nice puppeh dog wot does be deservin a good home. Iz foster peoples are very nice and takes really great care of Lloyd and hiz sibs (der beagle n 2 foster doxies). It iz special peoples like dem wot makes da werld an okie doke place fur us anipals.

I know he will miss dem, but I also know he really wants a forever family. If you want to adopting Lloyd puhleez contact the ARL.


  1. He is a very find woolfy!

  2. yes hims iz. hopes hims gets adopted soon!