Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Halp Name Ma Sea Monster n Win Pwizes!

Az u may already know ma fishy wishy iz one of ma favorite toys. Human2 comes home and we play wif fishy wishy almost every night. I gets luvins and da fishy gets kilt!

I dun spoked to da fine folks wot makes dis here wunnerful toy and dey be kind enough to let me hab a contesty so dat I can get sum of dem Yeowww! catnip toys into your paws too!

Of course if you can no wait until da end of da contesty you can heads over to great stores likes CatToys.com or SuppliesJust4Pets.com to buy you ur own fishy wishy (dey come highly recommended by urs truly).

So dis contesty iz purrty easy all you gotta do iz gib me sum suggestions fur naming ma sea monster n enter u info. Winner will be drawn from all entries so everybody wot enters haz a chance ta win!

So go name ma sea monster fur a chance ta win dis here great pwize pack from my sponsor Ducky World / Yeowww! Catnip.

Den da lucky winner wif da bestest name will gets a fishy wishy from BorisKitty.com and CatToys.com! (international entries okie dokie for dis part on contesty...don't not enters acause u not in US)

First part of dis contesty ends 9/25/09 so git ta thinkin up sum cool names! Final name choosin will be on 9/30/09

Enter Now to win da kewl YEOWWW! CATNIP pwize.

Gud Luck!


  1. OMC Boris! Daddy comes up with some pawsome names we'll ask him to help us out *Meow* Xanthe and Nishiko xxx

  2. Oh Boris? Is this contest open to Kitizens from the UK? Xanthe and Nishiko x

  3. Wow, Boris! You're really letting that fishy have it... Looks like so much fun!

    Pimp entered your contest. He said he hopes you like the name he thought of. ;)

  4. Fun, fun, fun! We entered! We'd love to win a YEOWWW Catnip pwize!

  5. Kitty, Xanthe and Nishiko
    I will asking da fine folks at da Yeowww company n see...even if not fur grand prize u could enter name for my fishy give away fur da name of ma sea monsters

  6. Ohhhh...Yeowww is da BESTES.....we go for da rainbowz and nanerz around here :)

  7. Ok Boris, Mummy has posted a name that Daddy had found and an explanation to go with it! Xanthe and Nishiko xxx

  8. Your fishy and sea monsters look FUN - you could call the sea monster 'Bubbles' or maybe 'Scairdy McBubblePants'

  9. Well, there's always Simon the sea monster.

  10. You certainly do like that sea monster. He must be fish flavored.

  11. we entered our name for sea monster! how fun.

    was there suppossed to be a confirmation of my submittion, we didnt get one OR does it just submit automaticaly after hitn the button?

    anxious to read the results. fun-fun!!!

  12. Okay, Boris, before we forget, we entered your contest.