Monday, September 28, 2009

Walk Fur Da Anipals Photos iz Coming

I still haz to get human2 to posting da pikshurs n writey up how wunnerful a day herz had at the 32nd annual Walk for the Animals for the Humane Society of Berks county.

We just had a very busy weekends here. First da walkie on Saturday followed by dis months PawPawty on Twitter. We had to spend a gud part of Sunday cat napping to recoups from all da funs.

I just wanted ta shows ma furend Shawnee da ginormous shepherd we did see at da walkie. It were all black n huge! Da pikshur not gib it justice. Dat wuz one big dawggy hed.


  1. Oh wow, that was a very busy, but productive weekend! Napping is in order!

  2. You got a pretty big friend there! He is pretty.

  3. I wonner how big that black shepherd is. I used to be skeered of big black shepherds when I was young. There is one wot lives next door wot I tried to be fwends wif but he no like me and grrrs at me thru the fence and I has to run inside. The one you sawed looks like he might be nice. I tries to keep an open mind.