Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wot iz Dis Fing Called Dawg?

Dis pikshur do be from a coupla years ago when Lily wuz but a wee lil pup! Herz iz da only dawg wot I did meeted up close and personal like. We even sniffed each utter.

Now I haz meeted utter dogs but I did runs and hides. R pal Mary did brings over a schipperke wot i took one look at and runned up da stairs until it did leave ma house.

And I used ta haz a neighbor dog, Asia, a big black lab, but i never did sniffs herz either. I woulds not go outside when herz wuz in da yard. One time I were out der and herz comed out n a flyed back in ma house so fast....you never did see such a white blurr afore!

Well lil Lily is all growed up now (but ma humanz do fink I iz still bigger den hers!) I haz not hads her come visit again, cause hers not like kittehs. No herz not chases dem. No herz not bitey dem. No herz not barking at dem either. Herz iz a big ole cry baby. Herz iz skeered of kittehs! Well, herz iz skeered of everyfing really. But herz cries when herz sees kittehs (people, utter dawgs...just about anyfing really). See for u self...


  1. It's ok, Lily! You don't has to be so skeered. The kitties won't hurt you, sweetheart.

  2. Oh, makes me want to pick him up and cuddle him.

  3. I wish I knew a woofie that was smaller than me. All the ones I know chase me when they come over.

  4. Aw, Lily. She's more scaredy than a scaredy cat!

  5. Oh, pore Lily! Foster dog Buttons heared her crying, jumped up from her nap and ran around looking for her. She found Lily on the puter and stood here looking at her all worried like. She hopes Lily is OK. Buttons is very worried.