Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ma Climby Scratchy Fing Wot I Did Luv

When I wuz just a little kitteh cat I had dis wunnerful scratchy post fingy wot I did luv! I would runs and jumps on it. Climby on it and of course scratchy scratchy it.

(and i thought i wuz a big tall boy den!)

It were a must wunnerful fort ta play in and I did so enjoys it. But I did grow up ta be a real big boy cat so I soon no longer fitted inside it and soon even no more fitted on it!

So my humanz n i acided to gib it to da cuzin kittehs cause Belle iz a crzy young kitty wot needs sumfin to halp wif all herz energies n soon dem lil new ones will be out of da mum cats box runnin all over da place.So we broughted it up out of da basements and I dun did gib it a gud once over.

I fink i remembers fittin inside dis way back when...

Ma old toys wot were still stored insides it staind it many colors but utter den dat it do be qwite fine indeed. So once inspected from tops to bottoms n bottoms to tops, dey did deliver it to it new home.

Da kittehs did check it out (maybe cause i did put ma smell on it afore sendin it over to dem).

Belle did fink it looked kinda funs.

But it do look like it will be loved once agin! You haz fun wif dat Belle okai!


  1. Boris, how sweet of you to share. We can tell the kitties love it!

  2. Boris! When are you going to get a Big Boy climbing tree?

  3. That is so nice of you to share!

  4. Oh Boris, you was such a coot little guy. (You still is, but you is a handsome mancat now.) Those pikshurs just makes me want to skweeze your cheekies! Very thoughtful of you to send your scent over to the gurls. Looks like they will be lubbin your scratchy thing as much as you did.

  5. Boris! You got soooo big!

    It's so nice of you to share your scratchy thing with the kitties. I hope they love it as much as you did!

  6. What a cute little kitty you were!