Monday, November 29, 2010

Molly Needs a Forever Home

Human2 tooked sum fings down to humane society of berks county tonite & wented in to look at da kitties waiting fur forever homes. One kitty, Molly, did paw at da glass to sez hello. First one paw den both paws. So human2 took da bait & gotted herz out to play. Soon az dey wuz in da adoption room (where people can visit privately wif kitties dey finkin of adoptin) Molly plopped down & rolled ovah fur belly rubs! Herz really enjoyed dem belly rubs & butt scritches.

Human2 had tooked sum fun foam balls in & herz and Molly did play soccer for qwite awhile. Molly really seemed to likes dem balls (but like a good kitty would not play wif it when da camera was out -- MOL).

Purrty ovah da shoulder look.

Reaching out & swimming all da while herz wuz purring.

Herz played & played wif dat ball.

Molly wants to comes home wif u!


  1. aww Molly is adorable!
    And in true cat form, turn off the plays when the humans bring out the flash.

    I hope she gets her home soon, she deserves it!


  3. Aww, Molly is very pretty. I'm glad Human2 played with her and gave her scritches! I hope she finds her forever home soon <3

  4. Molly iz certainly a pretty kitty - her coloring reminds me a little of Baby Patches. i hopes Santa Paws brings her a forever home for Christmas! xoxo

  5. The peeps are in love w/her but fear I'd tear her apart. I wish I could have a sibling to love and play with in my tunnel.

  6. Good luck Molly!! We are sending you good thoughts to get a home for Christmas.

  7. Dat Molly is a very pretty kitty. I'll bet sumwun will give her a furever home jus in time fur da howlidays.

  8. Dat's a BIIG kitteh!! Like Moi. She is full figured. I yam a full figured terror. She looks lik she iz much sweeter. Ack.