Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nutter Kitty Wuz Shot Too

Dat artikle yesterday did briefly mention anutter kitty wot wuz shot too. When human2 called da police to askin bout dem kitties dey passed on herz info and da second kitty's human called human2 today.

Da second kitty iz Kiki and herz wuz shot in da elbow. Doctors did operates and fixed as best dey could. But da elbow wuz shattered and Kiki might still lose herz leg!

Dis whole fing iz just horrible and des loverly, sweet kitties did not deserve dis. Dey loved da outdoors & now dey can no be outside again. So sad. I haz added Kiki to my Chip-in for da Vet bills and hope to be able to gib dem sum green papers too!


  1. We chipped in a couple of green papers...we sure purray this lady keeps her promise and neffur lets them outside again.

  2. What is wrong with humans?