Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Halloween Trading Cards From Toki

Remember a little while ago when I gotted way cool trading cards from TokiPoki.com? Well fur Halloween dey did hab dis pawsum contesty and dey made our costumey pikshures into cards.

Dey made packs of cards to hand out to kids at a Children's Hospital. I just knows dem kids lubbed dem cards fur sure.

U can go buy ur self a set too iffen u wants ovah at TokiPoki.com (you'll get one of me az SUPAH KITTEH -- so it iz so worth twice wot u gonna pay).


  1. OMD! You is in the speshul howloween pack wot childruns get? How furry kewl duss that be?

  2. I saw the Halloween cards on the TokiPoki site...but it was just after the deadline for them. Going to definitely have Mom do that for me next year, though. The world NEEDS a Princess Buttons card, don't you think?!

  3. Buttons i doz finks da werld be needing a Princess Buttons card fur sure.