Thursday, November 04, 2010

World's Best Cat Litter Now at Target

Now this iz good news! We just found out dat the World's Best Cat Litter iz now available at Target (akshully we finded out afore we gotted an email telling human2 did see it on da shelves when herz went to buy my noms).

Dis makes gettin litter & noms so much easier.

You wanna knows wot else iz good news? All dem 8 lb bags haz $3 off coupons on dem! But it for a limited time so hurry and go get yours now.

O...O....I almost furgots. dem fine peoples from World's Best Cat Litter iz habbin a contest too wif sum really great prizes.


  1. That is good news, thanks for telling us Boris!

  2. Mom has been thinking about trying it out and she's ALWAYS at Target. This might be my chance!

  3. M said she'll give it a try - well, maybe I'm the one who will try it.