Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Wuz a Very Bad Boy

Remember last week when I skeered ma humanz silly by slipping out da front door & disappearing for about an hour? I wuz told I will neber eber see da outsides agin.

Well I haz since been in ma Kritter Kondo a couple of times and last night I went out wif Human1 to move da trash cans ovah for da garbage guys to take da stinky trash. When herz turned around I wuz gone!

I did sneak off & runned down da front steps and wuz on da sidewalk by da bad city road.

I am once agin told I will neber eber see da outsides unless I am safe inside dat Kritter Kondo.

Human2 will make sure I am locked in but I haz dat Human1 wrapped around ma paw & herz lets me roam da yard when herz outside wif me. I hope dis doz not stop dat, but I iz a skeered it will.

Asides from the dangerous cars on da road and in da alley ma humanz iz askeered of nasty peeple like dem wot shot Peanut or me being scooped up and dragged off to da Animal Rescue League & putted down afore they could finds me.

On second thought mehbe I will just go straight into ma Kritter Kondo from now on.

*Note to self: hab ma humanz get me micro-chipped.


  1. Oh, yes, Boris! You need to be microchipped. I was chipped when Mom adopted me and it didn't hurt a bit.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! You even made me nervous!! I don't blame your Mama and Dad for banning you to the Kritter Kondo. That is a very, very safe place for you!

    You don't want to go to the "bad road"....bad things could happen to you there!
    ((((hugs)))) and please be a good boy!

    Cat Chat

  3. Katie Cat2:26 PM

    Boris, you are so silly. We would be heartbroken if anything happened to you. It's a scary world out there. Please behave yourself and stay in your Kondo or in the house. Please.


  4. Boris, duzn't be nawty. You wud makes us sad if you did get hurted owt in da bad roads. Stay safe inside your KritterKondo okai? xoxxo

  5. Seabastian mehbe I makes ma human2 gets micro-chipped first to make sure it not gonna hurts me. wot u finks?

  6. Our Mommy would keep us in the kritter condo too!
    Boris, you stay IN the house!

  7. Oh, Boris, this story scared us half to death. If you come visit, *maybe* you can go outside with the Debil Kittehs because we don't have roads. But until then you have to be safe!

  8. Coozin Debby4:52 PM

    you should get your humans micro chipped too!

  9. Boris, how could you scare your humans like that again? You need to be protected from yourself. The world is a dangerous place, especially for a kitty that's not "street wise."

  10. Boris! Dussn't you know you can get all skwished by the cars and shotted ded by bad peeples out there? You just goes and unrap Human1 from you paw, k? You lissen to Human2. And yes, afore you duss anything else, you git youself to the V-E-T and git a microchip! Even if'n you nefur sees the lite of day again, you HAS TO HAS A MICROCHIP! Wot if'n a screen falls out the winder and you fall out? Wot if'n burglars leave the door open? (There now, I got back at you fur yellin at me bout sitting to close to the cliffs.)

  11. I understand you, Boris, I LOOOOOVE to hang out, and I mean, really out, not just the backyard. But Mom don't want me to go outside the property because there's a very busy street on one side and a few dogs on the other. So, friend, if there are humans that have said that they will disappear you, don't take that chance. I can't believe that I'll say this, but, stay inside your condo.

  12. You really need to think safe! Kritter Kondo is the best way to go outside!

  13. Mom says outside is a very bad place and we can never, ever go there 'cause we might get hurt

    Your friend

  14. I think I agree with you friend. Just go straight into your KK. Oh, I got one too, only I won't get to try it out until next summer.