Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Winned Pumpkin Prizes

Halloween wuz loads of fun dis year and not just cause ma FrankenBoris-O-Lantern winned a contesty on facebook.

Da peeples ovah at Hearty Pet had a contesty on facebook for pumpkin decorating so Human2 did enters ma pumpkin. We hoped to win sumfin but never thought in our wildest dream we would wins da grandpwize in da kitty pumpkin category!

Lookit all da stuffs we did wins....

Grand Prize Winner:
>> Hearty Pet $15 Gift Card
>> Yeowww! Pumpkins (2 total)
>> Yeowww! Ghost (2 total)
>> EVO Cat and Kitten Food 6lb bag (2 total)
>> EVO Weight Mgmt Cat Treat 3oz (3 total)
>> VeRUS Ocean Fish Can Food 5oz (12 cans)
>> VeRUS Shredded Chicken Can Food 5oz (12 cans)
>> Zukes Purrz Salmon Treat 3oz (6 total)
>> Zukes Purrz Chicken Treat 3oz (6 total)
>> Whole Life 1 oz. Chicken (10 total)
>> Whole Life 1 oz. Salmon (10 total)
>> Whole Life 1 oz. Cod (10 total)
>> Best Feline Friend Can Food (1 case)

I wuz so eggsited about winned dem 1oz bags of whole life treats (but dey actually turned out to be sample bags not one ounce bags, but it ok mostly). I gonna donates da foods and utter treats to ma kitteh furends at One By One Cat Rescue when human2 goes up again.


  1. Wow that sure looks like the mother lode and so Boris like to share with less fortunate kitties!

  2. Wow Boris. Dat's quite a haul. You are so very kind to donate dem to the kitties dat has no home.

  3. Whoa, Boris, you sure did make off with quite a haul there! Them be some good noms you be sharing with the shelter kittehs! I see some of those Zukes in that listie, NOMMY! Mine is loaded up in mom's backpack fur our hike tomorrow coz mom hot has to werk! Good thing we taked Buttons to Illinoy last year coz this year the wevver do be furry bad out thataway. Wishing you, you sisses and the Human1 and Human2 the Happiest Thanksgibbing!

  4. I did keeps da nip toys & whole life noms (so I not all good when it comes to sharing ma winnings --- MOL). & of course ma sisfurs no gets none of it.

  5. Look at all that stuff, Boris! *highpaw*

  6. WOW dats quite a winnings pile OMC Concatulations!

  7. You're one lucky kitty. And it is nice of you to share your prize with kitties that are not as fortunate as you. I do think you should share with your sisfurs.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole family, even your sisfurs.

  8. Oh, wow! That's a cool grand prize you won, Boris! (And you're awfully cute playing with those toys!!!)