Thursday, December 02, 2010

Drum Roll Please...We Hab Our Winners

We hab our winners of our first eber (and mehbe onliest) Puzzled Look Contest wot we held last month.

Da Grand Prize Winner iz Gilley. Wif dat adorable what's dat u holding look? Gilley gets a great big pwize pack from our sponsors Kyjen & full of wunnerful puzzle plush toys

Da viewers choice is none utter den dat very popular pup Pebbles! Pebbles wins a bunch of toys from Kyjen & too. Hopefully enough to shares wif all dem foster doggies I did hears about.

Concats to da winners and fanks you all fur entering ma contesty and habbing fun wif me! *nosetaps*


  1. Concats to the winner!!!!

  2. Yeah! Congrats to the winners! *whispers* I voted for Gilley. Love that cute tilted face.

    Both Gilley & Pebbles both had really great puzzled looks!

  3. Concats to both of you... What great pictures.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Those are very funny pics. Congrats to both of them.