Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beary Sad Fings Happenin In Reading, PA

I did hab a pawsum time at BlogPaws and did lern lots about how I can "Be The  Change", but den I come home to beary sad news dat makes me fink I can neber make a difference even fur one lil kitteh.

Da Animal Rescue League of Berks County (Reading) needs sum edumakashuns when it comes to dealin with kittehs and dis makes me beary, beary sad. Dey iz one of ma two local shelters dat I visit, donate supplies and money too (the other is the Humane Society of Berks). Unless ARL straightens out der act I am going to do wot ever I can to let people know NOT to surrender ANY animal there and possibly even pull their support (I will be turnin all ma efforts toward HSBC & One by One Rescue in future).

Last week the story of Skittles the kitty and her two kittens was on the front page of the Reading Eagle. Dat poor porr Skittles wuz put down by the time da lady had gone out to her car and came back in wif da kittens! I completely understand the need for open-door shelters such as these but when they are this quick to put down an animal because the staff is unaware of the normal behavior of a frightened and disoriented cat -- that is uncalled for in ma book! While I would lub for NO animal to ever be put down for any reason, this one story iz beary shocking.

Harry D. Brown III, executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Berks County, explains the policy for surrendering animals and adds two new policies that are only being put in place to cover der own butts! These new policies are not good enuff! They must have sum kind of waiting period putted in place and attempt to find the owners of strays (many strays are lost and hab families lookin fur dem).

Fank goodness da lady scooped dem kittens rite back up and marched out dem door. da two kittehs, Pinky and Boogers are now in a NO-KILL shelter and are available for adoption thru One by One Cat Sanctuary.

Den u hab idiots like dis one dat doz not read the whole article or simply wants der name in da papers with der ignorant rant about the original artikle. Yes, dey makes a valid point about spay/neuter, but that iz da only correct fing dey say in der letter to da editor of da paper. If u takes a pregnant cat in to be spayed dat iz called abortion. (And I iz qwite sure dat lady would be against aborshuns.)

As if all dis iz not enuff, today human1 goes ta werk to be shown 3 lil kittens wot should neber eber hab been removed from der mother. A guy at herz job did find dem in his wood pile and brought dem in to werk. Peeples wot are not edumakated in da ways of feral kittehs should keeps der paws off dem until dey know fur sure da mother iz not simply out gettin food or moving da kittehs to anutter location.

Fank goodness der wuz a lady der wot had experience wif hand feedin & birfin da lil babehs utterwise he wuz takin dem to da Humane Society (and we nose wot happens to lil bitty babehs at da humane society). Human2 had leaky eyes all day until herz herd about dis lady takin dem in and takin cares of dem.

We plan on edumakatin dis city about feral kittehs. Spekt more frum us on Feral Cat Day Oct. 16th!


  1. What sad news. I hope we can start changing the way the pet rescue/shelter business works. We have to keep trying, my brofur from another mother!

  2. Oh Boris... You are making a difference, don't you ever think you are not. Just spreading the word makes it better for everybody. If your blog educates just one more person, that is so important.

    Great blog post. I'll tweet about it tomorrow to get lots of food humans and kitties to read it.


  3. OMD. I can't go read the article 'cause just knowing the situation makes me way too sad! *sniffles* Poor Skittles! Stupid, stupid, stupid humans!

    Way to go, though, Boris. I'm SURE you can be the change in educating your city!

  4. I hiss at dem stoopid peepulz

  5. i'm so sorry to hear dis Boris. a least der wuz a lady who knew how to take care of da kittens. u hang in der cuz i nose dat u wants to help all da kittehs u can! xoxo BJC

  6. *sniff* Now my eyes are leaking. How can a shelter put down a feral that quickly? They ought to know better how any cat, especially a feral, behaves in a stressful situation. Otherwise they shouldn't be there. I wish I was there to give you all a big hug. Such a sad few days.

    The more of this stuff I hear, the more I realize how lucky I am that Mom and her friend know about ferals and know how to calm us and be patient with us while we get adjusted. My litter mate and I got the best forever homes with my mom and her friend. Now we have to help the other kitties find forever homes like ours.

  7. Very Sad Boris !!! I am sorry that you have to go through that. Look at this what happened close by us In July, the owners of a Seneca County kennel operation, Black Diamond Acres, killed "approximately 78 dogs and 15 puppies" by locking them into boxes then pumping in carbon monoxide through a pipe attached to farm equipment.. This makes me very ill. They need to make the Amish stop breeding and running puppy mills.

  8. Soozi -- dem Amish treats dem doggies just likes another crop.

    I so agree wif u, dey should be stopped from habbin puppy mills. no one should buy puppies from a Farm. Plz don't shop -- ADOPT!

  9. Felisha11:46 PM

    You *are* making a difference. There are just so many people who still need to be educated. We are in a state which is probably much further down the list than yours in terms of how animals are treated. SO many people around here don't seem to understand the importance of spaying/neutering, but every person mom talks to who finally "gets it" can pass it on to 5 more. Mama is also encouraged by the number of people who have heard my story and considered special needs pets of their own.

    A little at a does get discouraging to read so many sad stories, and there are only 24 hours in a day, but if all of us support one another we can make big changes happen.
    Love to you!! ♥ ♥

  10. Very sad news, but that is what Jan kept trying to tell locals when she was involved with the local shelter and Humane Society. If you turn in animals, they are considered owner surrender and they are eligible to be killed before you pull out of the parking lot. This poor kitty didn't live long enough to even complete the paperwork. How very, very sad.

  11. Sad fur sure Boris, I shall never understand humans.

  12. Oh my GOSH - if our shelter had a policy like dat, Graham wouldn't be here today! In fact, I wouldn't be here today either cuz I was held at our shelter for 2 months before my peeps adopted me. Well, with the power of the media and the power of Twitter, hopefully dat shelter will either go out of business or drastically change their ways. Good job Boris - you do make a difference.

  13. I'm so sorry for what happened to those kitties. You ARE making a difference, Boris. AND you support the rest of us who love the kitties and doggies.

  14. It is sad that an organization would decide so quickly about any animal. Good for that lady for taking the kittens back.

    I have a tiny kitten on my desk right now (trying to help me type) that was abandoned by his mommy. But every dork out there shouldn't be pickin up the kittehs unless they know what they are doing (ow the biting).

    Good for you Boris for getting the word out (ow the biting). Education is the best way to start a change!!

  15. Oh Boris, what a horrific story! We are furry lucky to have many shelters and rescues in our area who share excess kitties. We also has a Friends of Ferals group. Couldn't dat "shelter" hang onto a frightened kitty efun ONE HOUR??? O, ai haz a sad nao. Poor, poor Skittles.