Friday, September 10, 2010

Temptations BlogPaws Contest

Each day of BlogPaws der will be a contest to wins a year supply of yummy Temptations Cat Treats. Iffen dat wuzn't enuff to really get your tasty buds werked up ur favorite kitty rescue / shelter will win a years supply az well. How cool iz dat?!?!

Here dat rules:

Each day a new poster will be put up at BlogPaws. We will tweet a pikshure of dat poster. So be following lil ole me (@BorisKitty ) or @pawsandeffect for dat new image. All you gotta do iz tweet your caption to @BorisKitty  or @pawsandeffect and use da hashtag #Temptations (dunt furget dat hashtag). Each nite at da end of BlogPaws da funniest caption will win dat wunnerful prize & get Temptations treats out da wazoo! Nom nom nom!

Dis wuz tonites image wot u needed to caption. (we dunt hab a winner yet) I am finking I will find out i n dat AM who da winner is.

Here be some of dem tweeted captions (we'll post da winner once we gets it)...

@LilyPup -Hey mousie, get in my belly! #Temptations

@BunnyJeanCook - #temptations get in mai tummy!

@BrettChisholm  - hmmmmph. Dogs RULE??? Dogs Drool.... CATS rule. And DON'T FORGET IT. Meow. #Temptations

@CheshireK - I thought girls were supposed to be SWEET! Eww. #Temptations

@parrisreddog - "Aack! Don't EVER kiss me again!" #temptations

@cheriswan - Wassssuppp! #temptations

Dems r sum funny captions. Anutter opportunity to win coming up tomorrow so gets ur wits sharpened cause you could be a winner.


  1. dat @BunnyJeanCook did win Thursday Caption contest! YAY BJC