Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Share Ur Kitteh Story & Halp Rescue Animals

We gotted dis press release about r new furrends over at Happy Tails Books (fanks to BlogPaws) upcomin booky. So we gonna werk on writing up ma story to shares wif da werld and halp dem raise monies fur utter rescue animals to boot.

Get Your Cat Tales Featured in a Book!

Happy Tails Books is collecting stories about adopted cats for the next books in the Lost Souls: FOUND! series, and they want to hear from you!

Each book in this wonderful series highlights the love and joy adopted pets bring to their new homes. The books contain several sections to entertain and educate readers: short stories (600-1200 words), paragraph-long anecdotes (funny, silly, or heartwarming), behavioral and medical challenges (and how they were solved), recipes, and poems. Detailed submission guidelines and a story submission form are located at http://happytailsbooks.com/submit.htm.

Happy Tails Books welcomes stories from writers of all ability levels and from foster and forever homes alike. Stories should be emotional (funny, happy, sad, thought-provoking) and have a clear point.

A significant portion of profits is donated back to rescue organizations. Please submit your stories and help Happy Tails Books reach their goal of donating at least $10,000 back to rescue organizations this year.

Please submit your cat stories before September 30th. The sooner the better!


  1. I love that Kyla is going with a book about cat rescues! She's so great...and talented...and does great work!

  2. That sounds so cool, if only we had the time!

  3. Thanks for the post buddy. M took your advice and submitted by toothie story (abbreviated version).