Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Booky Review: Adventures of Precious the Dog

When Human2 went to BarkWorld Expo last week herz did meet lots of talented Anipals & der humanz. Among dem wuz Precious a cute little Jack Russell dog wot did write a book. Yup u herd me right. Dat lil doggy did write not only one book but TWO!

The first book is called The Adventures of Precious the Dog: Precious & Lizzie play hide and seek. Dis iz a beary cute story bout Precious & her friend Lizzie who iz a lizard dat plays hide & seek wif Precious. Precious iz silly & cute & can no finds dat Lizzie. Dis is tooked from real life adventures of Precious so it makes da books even more fun.

Here iz dat sweet Precious in akshuns lookin for lizzie.

Da second book is called The Adventures of Precious the Dog: Precious and The Rabbits Run & Hop. Dis another fun game of hide & seek & tag all in one. Dis wuz a special release available for da first time any where at BarkWorld Expo. And Precious wuz der to pawtograph da books too! As wif da first book der are great pictures of Precious & her pals

Any Terrier owner would enjoy dem books fur sure. We recommends dems books fur anybuddy wif kids or anybuddy wot luvs doggies! (Sawry u can no hab mine!)

Des pawsum pawtographed books gets a 3.5 out of 4 paws. We can no waits for the next one in da series.


  1. Great review Boris! They were really fun to meet at Bark World.

  2. Sounds like a good read Boris. Thanks for ther review