Friday, September 10, 2010

Fridays Cat Captions From Temptations

Dis iz da pikshur fur today. It iz ur job to gib it a capshun and tweet to either me (@BorisKitty ) or @pawsandeffect along wif dat hashtag #Temptations.

Remember dat Temptations iz gibbin da winner a YEAR supply of Temptations cat treats and another year supply of Temptations for da shelter of der choice. How sweet iz dat deal?

Winners are picked at da end of da day. Check back 2mro for anutter chance to win.


  1. What a nice thing to win - Temptations for a year. I do love Temptations.

  2. Winner wuz @Kittehboi wif dis caphun - #Temptations Harry & David's Cat of the Month Club: Orange