Sunday, September 05, 2010

Review of da Dog Sitter DVDs

A lil while back I did do a review of da Cat Sitter DVDs and even showed a video of how much fun dey are to watch. well dat review did spark a few questions frum ma doggy pals about dem Dog Sitter Videos wot I had never seed since I iz a kitteh.

Well human2 & I did fink we needed to know wot we were taking about so herz did get me copies to watch fur all ma pup pals!

Well right of da bat let me tells you....frum a kitteh's point of view da first DVD iz paws down da best one. Well at least it wuz da one dat me and ma sisfur Abby did watch most. We were a lil skeered cause da video starts out wif cowbot monkeys on da backs of border collies while dem border collies were herdin sheeps (sawry none of dem wuz Shaun da Sheep). But den it turned to da great out-of-doors and showed crows & squirrels in da great outdoors.

I thoughted da crow wuz purrty cool, but I also thought all da "prey" on da moovie wuz purrty darned nice. Da dog ridin monkey cowboys are funny, but not too interestin fur us kittehs.

Der wuz duckies every where on ma TV. So Dog Sitter Volume 1 is a mix of anipal & sum doggies doin stuffs, wot should be loads of fun fur doggies to watch.

Here you can see how i am beary interested in dat squirrel and so iz Abby. You will be able to hear da crow & da crickets & doggies barkin in da video at da end of dis post.

I got a lil bored wif da Dog Sitter Volume 2 So I did acide to takes a much needed bath. I wuz rollin in da dirt yesterday so it about time to clean! *lick lick lick*

Dog Sitter Volume 2 iz all doggies doin agility fings & while ma humanz did watch it I gotted bored. I finks iffen I were a dog I would hab liked it more. Lots of barks & different dogs to see. I fink it should hab had some squeaky toy sounds for added attraction for sum dogs like ma pal Busy Buttons.


  1. You're a great film reviewer my friend!!

  2. I'd totally love a video that was all kitties and squeaky toys! Mom says I'd probably knock over our TV, though, trying to get the squeakies out of it, so maybe I'll need to find a video of just kitties. Oh, I love kitties...

  3. By the way, thanks for reviewing the dog sitter videos for us! And we love the videos of you watching the TV!!!

  4. Great reviews Boris, I would have thought about the woofie videos either.

  5. Thanks for the great reviews pal. You really are interested in dem too. M just not know bout me if I'd be interested or not.