Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adorable Kitties Need Forever Home

A three for...cause u gotta takes em all! Des sweet hearts iz in need of a forever and ever home. Dey doz need ur loves. Iffen ur in da Denver, CO area please adopt dem precious kittehs.

Dat yellow tabby iz named Mulligan, da gray tabby iz Bozz and dat tuxedo kitteh iz Pansy. Dey lubs to play wif each utter and gib nosetaps.

Please contact da fine folks at da Duncan's Place Cat Sanctuary in Loveland, CO. You can also finds dem ovah at


  1. Three cuties! I do hope they can find a home as good as mine with oomans that love dem.

  2. Oh goodness you work fast Boris. I know all three of those baby kitties will be so happy to find out that you're pulling for them. I can't wait to tell Duncan's Place! :-)