Friday, September 10, 2010

Off To BlogPaws West

Human2 iz heading off to BlogPaws West way out der in Denver, CO. I gotted in ma carrier and I wuz all ready for to go, but herz sed I had to stay home wif human1....sumfin about me no likin to fly. Pffft. So I sended Edgar along to make sure herz behabs.

Edgar wuz all smiles at da airport. himz sed dat be da plane wot gonna makes dem fly ober ma head in a lil bit. Dey did arrive in Denver in da middle of da day but it feeled later wif dem time travel zones!  While walkin in dat airport, human2 did spy a dog wot herz knows. Dat wuz Comso.

Dey did share a ride ober from da airport to da hotel togetter. I been told dat human2 did get kisses from dat Cosmo in dat van! Ewwww dog lips. Den as soon az dey did gets to dem Hotel doors dey did meet up wif @Pumpkinpuddy and @Felissahadas

Look how cute dat Pumpkin kitty be in herz stroller. Wot a stylin way to travelz. I gonna see iffen ma humanz will get me one of dem cool wheely fings.

While dey wuz wait in Cosmo to brush he hairs up in he room human2 and Pumpkin's Mom did spy dis beary angry lookin chair in da lobby. Dut sit in it. Dat chair mite nom ur butt!

Dat wuz only da first parts of da day. More iz comin.


  1. Oh my, what fun already!!!

  2. Wot duss you mean, "ewww dog lips?" I resemble that remark.

  3. sawry bout dat Shawnee...wuz ur ears burnin? human2 wuz talkin bout u dis mornin. all gud honest!