Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visitin Kittehs in der Kritter Kondos

Yesterday ma humanz wented to da BIG city to see arts in a museum (Barnes Museum) & while dey were out dey stopped in to visit wif dem Kritter Kondo kittehs. See how happy dey r in der Kondos.

Abi luvs herz Kondo.

Madi iz a big boy wif a Deluxe Kritter Kondo!

Well I gotted jello-us hearin how cute dey r & how much dey lub der Kondos dat I pested to go outside today & get in mine. Since I haz ma humanz wrapped around ma lil paw dey let me out. I had such a grand time watchin birdies from the safety of ma outdoor cat enclosure, but I still wanted out to roll in da dirt. So dey let me, but left da door to da condo open so az to let me in & out iffen dey could not watch me closely. Since da door wuz open I went in it all on my own a couple of times, just like I did on ma birfaday -- but dis time I kept doin it (bout 6 or 7 times).

Takes a look at me in akshun...


  1. Oh, we kitties envy you your Kritter Kondo. We aren't allowed outside.

  2. Those kritter kondos are totally pawsome!

  3. M is seriously thinking bout getting one for me. She's been thinking bout it for 2 months now, but getting more serious every day.

  4. how fun! thank you for the story, we loved having you and Auntie Beth & Auntie Kelly.

    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  5. That kritter condo duss you no good if'n the door be open. You gits yourself in there and shut the door, yung man!

  6. O Shawnee no u worries dem doors gets closed on me plenty. Ma humanz were out der rite aside of me honest.

    Mario ur mom shuld SO gets u a kondo dey r pawsum.

    Funny Farm kittehs -- mehbe u could go out wif sum kondos to go in.

  7. Wow, that was a great video Boris, I really had no idea they were that big, now I want one. You sure were having a big time!

  8. OMD. Mom and I both really, really wanna rub that Boris belly we saw in your video!

  9. That's pawsome, Boris! I get to go out on the deck sometimes, but never in the grass. I hope Mom gets me a Kritter Kondo for Christmas!