Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1 at Bark World

Human2 did arrive safely at BarkWorld in Atlanta, GA. And look at all dem humanz & Anipals wot herz did meet up wif right away!

Look at dem GMC BarknRide noms wot dey had out fur da doggies. Hai where r da kitteh treats?

Here be da woozles from @informedferret s on twittah.

And dis be @CosmoHavanese himz a great guy!

And dis is flat brian MOL, really it iz @Brian106sc

Looky it do be @Preston_Speaks (n boy do he speaks)

Dis cutie pie iz @niqqi, just look at dat face.

Dis sweet doggy be Judy from @Dogingham

Dis lil Girl iz Precious, no really dat her name, MOL. @ImaJackRussell (we buyed her book...yup da doggy writed a book).


  1. How pawesome! I can't wait to see who you met on Day 2!

  2. We sure did have a great time!!!

  3. What great pictures and great memories. The best part must have been meeting all the wonderful anipal humans.